Cold-and-Flu Season is upon us – and with it, a hyper-contagious new variant of the COVID-19 virus. Now more than ever, all our immune systems could use a boost! 

Before you ask, we’d never claim that CBD alone can prevent an infection like COVID or influenza. At Wana Wellness, we want our gummies to be only one part of a 360 approach to your health. So in that spirit, here are five of the most important things you can do to keep your immune system in prime fighting condition. 

1. Catch some Zs.

We’ve written extensively about the signs of sleep deprivation and the potential nighttime benefits of CBD. That’s because quality sleep is one of THE most important things you can do for your health. 

According to Dr. Eric J. Olson, writing for the Mayo Clinic, “Studies show that people who don’t get quality sleep… are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold.” And that doesn’t even cover the long-term effects of sleep deprivation, which can include increased risk of diabetes and heart disease! 

Set yourself up for a restorative 7-8 hours a night by practicing good sleep hygiene, which can include consistent bedtimes, cutting down on evening screentime, and even boosting your body’s natural sleep cycles with soothing Wana Wellness CBD Gummies. Because it turns out, the best place to battle germs is in your dreams. 


2. Stay stress-free.

Piece of cake, right? You’re probably only trying to balance work, friends, family, and self-care in the midst of a global pandemic… what have you got to be stressed about?

Sarcasm aside, too much stress can seriously sabotage your health. Not only is it a leading cause of wellness-depleting insomnia, but it can negatively impact your immune system big time, according to the American Psychological Association. 

Stop thinking of relaxation as an indulgence and start thinking of it as a crucial part of keeping yourself healthy – whether that means daily meditation, carving out some me-time, or simply soothing your frazzled soul with quality CBD.

woman wearing a bathrobe, face mask, and sunglasses holds cat

3. Eat clean.

Sometimes stress-relief can look like eating an entire chocolate cake in one sitting… but before you indulge, consider the impact your diet could be having on your immune system. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the kinds of trans fats and saturated fats you find in baked goods, whole dairy, and lard can cause inflammation that weakens immunity. The Omega-3 fats found in certain fish and nuts, on the other hand, have the opposite, anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting effect. The University of Colorado Health Network also suggests giving your body a boost with the kinds of nutrients found in fresh, whole foods like greens, grains, and even garlic! 

4. Try natural supplements (as long as your doctor approves).

As mentioned above, CBD can be a helpful tool in enhancing sleep or reducing stress – both of which are net positives for your immune health. CBD also stimulates the body’s CB2 receptors, which control inflammation – a key component in regulating the immune system. But there isn’t enough scientific research to speak definitively on how or how much CBD affects the symptoms of infection.

Still, there are plenty of other natural supplements you can take to give your immune system a boost. These include echinacea, zinc, and Vitamins C and E – though the Cleveland Clinic recommends getting these last two through fresh food rather than supplements when possible.

That said, before you add any supplement to your wellness routine – including CBD – you should always consult with your doctor about whether it’s safe for you. And over-the-counter supplements are certainly no substitute for medicine prescribed by a physician.  

Which leads us to our final and most important tip…

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5. Consider getting vaccinated.

If you have some trepidation around vaccination – particularly against COVID – we’re not judging you. There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there, and we’re all just trying to keep ourselves safe.

That said, every major healthcare authority – including the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association – has endorsed distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, with ABC News reporting that as of October 2021, “unvaccinated individuals had a 10 times greater risk of testing positive for COVID-19 and a 20 times greater risk of dying from it, as compared to fully vaccinated individuals with a booster.” 

So if you’re on the fence about whether to get a COVID or flu shot this year, please consider what the experts have to say before you dismiss the idea.

With those tips in mind, the only thing left to do is wish you all a joyful and healthy 2022. Be well, everybody.