How CBD Can Eliminate Holiday Shopping Stress…

In More Ways Than One.

It’s the most wonderful…

and stressfultime of the year!

A calming dose of Wana Wellness hemp-derived CBD can be a much-needed remedy for your holiday blues. But it can also relieve stress in a more tangible way: by providing you with an unexpected gift idea for that tough-to-shop-for loved one in your life.


With a variety of innovative, effective products and free shipping anywhere in the United States, Wana Wellness offers something for everyone. Check out this handy gift-giving guide to help you decide on the perfect present! 

For the Habitually Healthy 

With organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients, our delicious Hemp-Derived CBD Gummies are the ideal daily supplement for someone who could use an extra boost to their wellness routine. Infused with premium broad-spectrum hemp oil, they contain naturally occurring CBD, essential terpenes, and other beneficial plant compounds to promote health.  

OR for faster results, try the “Restore” blend of our Fast-Acting Hemp-Derived CBD Tincture! Made with innovative nanoemulsion technology, Wana Wellness Hemp Tincture produces effects in just 5 to 15 minutes, with 5x more efficiency than traditional CBD tinctures. (To dive deeper into the science behind this groundbreaking product, check out our recent post on the subject.)

For the Extra-Anxious (and Impatient) 

Our political landscape might be polarized, but we can all agree that 2020 has been one of the most stressful years on record. Good thing our Fast-Acting Tincture is also available in a calming “Relax” blend. “Relax” contains not only hemp-derived CBD, but other beneficial herbs that have been shown to relieve stress, such as L-Theanine, skullcap herb extract, and rose flower oil. And like our “Restore” blend, it produces results in just 5-15 minutes.

For the Sleep-Deprived 

Our third Fast-Acting Tincture blend, “Rest,” contains all the broad-spectrum hemp goodness of its fellow tinctures, plus other natural sleep-promoting ingredients like melatonin. With an onset time of just 5-15 minutes, our “Rest” tincture helps make counting sheep a thing of the past.  

Just Need a Stocking Stuffer? 

Snag a 10-piece bottle of our hemp gummies. Available in tropical mango and strawberry, these trial-sized packages are the perfect present for the CBD curious. 

So what are you waiting for?

Visit to knock out the rest of your shopping…

and while you’re at it, order a little something for yourself. It’s been a long year, and you deserve it.