Picture it: you’re in the middle of a stressful day at work – maybe your inbox is overflowing, maybe you’ve got a big presentation in a few hours, or maybe your coworker is just being a grouch. Then you remember the CBD gummies you have in your bag. You know a lot of people use CBD to ease anxiety and relieve stress, among other wellness benefits. You pop one in your mouth and chew. But you’re stressed out now, and you want to feel effects fast. So how long do you have to wait for your CBD gummies to work?

The answer is, roughly, 45-90 minutes. But there are a number of factors that can affect that window, and several alternatives for those times you just don’t want to wait. Here are the basic things to consider when calculating your gummies’ onset time.

Listen to Your Gut (Literally)

The thing about CBD gummies is, for all their wellness benefits, they’re ultimately a food. They need to be digested and metabolized, passing first through your digestive tract and then through your liver before the CBD enters your bloodstream and produces effects. What’s more, CBD molecules are actually lipids (or fats), which means your body – which is made of 70% water – has to do a lot of work to absorb them. All of this takes time and explains why your CBD gummies aren’t providing relief instantaneously.

Now, even though your gummies can’t skip this process, there is one big variable that will affect their onset time: how full you are at the time of consumption. Have you ever had a beer or a glass of wine on an empty stomach? The effects hit you harder and faster than they do after, say, a three-course meal at your favorite Italian restaurant. While CBD gummies are not intoxicating, they do follow the same principle. A heavy meal right before taking one will probably push you to the far end of that 45-90 minute onset window.

With that said, if you’re a daily CBD consumer (and you want to speed up onset time), consider taking your gummies in the morning before breakfast. Your empty stomach may make it easier for the gummies to move speedily through your system!

Faster Alternatives

CBD gummies have loads of benefits: they’re delicious, convenient, and effective. But when you’re ready to relax, 45 minutes can seem like a long time to wait! If you’re not big on planning ahead when it comes to your CBD consumption, consider exploring the wonderful world of CBD tinctures.

Let’s be clear: most CBD tinctures on the market are not miraculously fast. A lot of them will claim to be sublingual, meaning they can be placed under your tongue and absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your your sublingual artery. In reality, though, their molecules clump together in oily globs that are really too large to fit between the cells under your tongue – so you mostly end up swallowing them like you would any other food or beverage. Still, their liquid form is easier for your body to break down, generally resulting in an onset time of 30-60 minutes.

If that still doesn’t seem fast enough, there is at least one CBD product on the market that can deliver the rapid results you’re craving: Wana Wellness Fast-Acting Tinctures. They’re made with innovative nanoemulsion technology, which produces miniscule molecules (<25 nanometers) that are smaller than a human gene. That means they’re tiny enough to truly be absorbed sublingually, entering your blood stream almost instantly via the cells under your tongue. And remember those fatty CBD molecules? With nanoemulsion technology, they’re encased in a water-soluble layer that makes it much easier for your body to absorb them quickly and efficiently.

The result? A potent, efficient CBD tincture that actually delivers results in just 5-15 minutes.

birds eye view of coffee, oatmeal, cream, an open book and wana hemp gummies on a bed with grey sheets

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We’ve established that there is at least one fantastic option for those CBD consumers who just can’t wait for results. But remember that speed isn’t everything. Gummies provide advantages ranging from great taste to easy, convenient consumption, and there is no evidence to suggest that they are less effective than tinctures when it comes to providing all the wellness benefits CBD is known for. Particularly when you’re dealing with a premium product (like vegan, gluten-free, organically sweetened Wana-Wellness Hemp Gummies), a little bit of waiting seems like a small price to pay for great results.

If calculating onset times is giving you grief, why not try making CBD gummies a daily part of your wellness routine? By taking them every day at the same time and under the same circumstances, you’ll quickly learn how your body responds to them, how long it takes you to feel effects, and exactly how you can use CBD to enhance your life.