We’re living in a golden age for CBD products… or so it would seem. But with so many options on the market – and not much in the way of FDA regulation – it can be tough to predict which ones will actually do what they claim. Here are a few simple rules for identifying the best, most effective CBD gummies money can buy.

Choose Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Over CBD Isolate

Many gummies are infused with CBD isolate that’s been extracted from the hemp plant all on its lonesome. And don’t get us wrong – CBD is awesome. But when you isolate it from its natural chemical companions, you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits Mother Nature intended.

That’s why you should always choose a product made with broad-spectrum hemp oil, which contains not only CBD, but other beneficial plant compounds including terpenes (the compounds that give all plants their unique taste, smell, and effect). These elements work together to stimulate different receptors in your body through a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. So your best bet for a truly effective CBD product is something like Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies, which are all about broad-spectrum-ing your horizons.

And a quick note: broad-spectrum hemp oil (which contains no THC), should not be confused with full-spectrum hemp oil (which can contain up to .3% THC). While both are federally legal, a large enough dose of full-spectrum hemp oil runs the risk of making you feel high – or showing up on a drug test. Broad-spectrum is simply less risky.

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Consider the Ingredients

If you’re looking to make CBD a part of your wellness routine, chances are you don’t want a product loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Always check the ingredients list to make sure you feel good about the full picture. Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies, for instance, contain all-natural ingredients, organic sweeteners, and only two grams of sugar per piece. They’re also kosher, gluten-free and, because they’re made with fruit-based pectin rather than animal-derived gelatin, completely vegan.

And if you’re using CBD for a specific purpose, you may also want to consider functional ingredients – meaning added ingredients that can help boost the hemp oil’s desired effect.

Look for Lab Results

The most trustworthy CBD companies are the ones which openly publish their third-party lab results. Lab testing is really the only way to ensure your gummies are potent, safe, and consistent. Look for a company that allows you to enter a batch number and confirm that the product you hold in your hands is everything it claims to be.

Don’t Judge by Milligrams Alone

Determining your hemp product’s potency might seem like a no-brainer… the more milligrams of CBD it contains, the more effective it’ll be. Right?

Turns out it’s not that simple. See, cannabinoids like CBD are technically lipids, or fats. Your body is made of mostly water. Fat and water don’t like to mix, so it’s actually very difficult for your body to efficiently absorb CBD. In fact, as much as 80% of the CBD in your average product passes right through your body without having any effect. That means, when you pay $75 for 1000mg of CBD, you can expect that as many as 800 of those milligrams – and 60 of those dollars – will basically go down the drain.

So rather than think in terms of milligrams, think about bioavailability – a term which refers to the ease and speed with which a product’s CBD can be absorbed.

So how do you choose the best CBD gummies? In summary:

  1. Choose a product with broad-spectrum hemp oil.
  2. Pay attention to ALL the ingredients, not just the CBD.
  3. Check for third-party lab testing.
  4. Instead of considering how many milligrams a product contains, think about how easily those milligrams can be absorbed.

With these four simple rules in mind, you can cut through all the noise of a booming – and sometimes confusing – CBD industry to find the perfect product for your wellness journey.