What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “CBD?” If you’re judging by the majority of ads, articles, and even product labels out there in the CBD universe, it’s probably “relaxation,” or maybe “stress relief.” And for good reason – millions of customers are using products like Wana Wellness Hemp
 to enhance their calm every day. But did you know that CBD can also be a crucial tool for those pursuing a more active lifestyle? 

So how can you integrate CBD into your workout routine? And what are the benefits of doing so? Our partners at Athletes for CARE – a non-profit organization advocating to improve global standards of health, safety and quality of life for athletes of all ages – recently asked us just that. 

Enhancing Your Comfort

While CBD is not a replacement for prescribed medical treatment, some athletes believe hemp products can help ease the stress put on their bodies during and after intense exercise. Competitive mountain runner and weightlifter (and Wana sponsored athlete) Flavie Dokken has been using CBD to help her train since 2013, after she was discharged from the Army with a painful stress fracture.

“I was looking for ways to not use any opioids that were recommended,” says Dokken. “So I take it after long strenuous workouts. I think it’s really made a difference with my joints over time.”

Dokken’s experience is, of course, anecdotal –and because the FDA does not permit dietary hemp products to be used as medical treatments, her words should not be taken as medical advice. But if you find that aches and pains are an impediment to working out, it may be worth talking to your physician about making CBD a part of your fitness regimen.

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Work Hard, Rest Hard

Whether or not you find yourself grappling with stiffness or discomfort when exercising, it’s crucial to give your body a chance to recuperate after a particularly taxing workout. That’s where CBD’s well-known relaxing properties really come into play.

Flavie Dokken, who typically trains for an extreme 15-25 hours per week, considers CBD an essential part of her rest and recovery routine. “I take it diligently every day,” she says. “Once immediately after a long training session, and then another 20 mg prior to sleep. A deeper sleep is key to recovery, so it really goes hand in hand.”

Think of CBD, then, as an important part of the circle of life (or at least fitness). You have to be able to wind yourself down before you can pump yourself back up!

Finding Your Rhythm

So let’s say you’ve decided to make CBD a part of your workout routine. What’s the right product, amount, or schedule for you? As with any wellness product, it depends on the individual. Weight, age, and metabolism can all impact how (and how much) CBD will affect you.

“Consistency is key,” says Dokken. For example: “If you start taking it first thing in the morning then just keep that routine for awhile” –we recommend at least a week– “so that you can see if it works. Because I see the benefits, I keep the same routine.”

For that reason, it may be worth seeking out a product like Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies, which are made to be taken every day (and which taste good enough to make that daily serving feel more like a daily treat).  

The Big Picture

Above all else, it’s important to remember that CBD is just one piece of a holistic approach to wellness. For Dokken, it’s one of several ways to fuel the body before or after a grueling workout: “You’re eating healthy food to recover afterwards, you’re hydrating. Incorporate CBD as just another tool.”

We may not all have the kind of rigorous training program athletes like Dokken practice, but one thing’s for certain. Whatever workout routine fits into your life, a little hemp-derived help may just go a long way.

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