We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long, tough day. You’ve slipped into your PJs and taken a calming Wana Wellness CBD Gummie. Now you’re surfing Netflix, looking for something soothing to throw on the TV – a little cinematic escape to give your tired brain a break. 

At Wana Wellness, we consider ourselves experts on relaxation… and as such, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate 10 of the best comfort movies for those moments when even fictional stress feels like too much. 

1. The Wizard of Oz

This is a sentimental stress reliever for the whole family. Familiar songs, classic characters… and even in a world of high-budget CGI effects, nothing quite compares to the magic of Dorothy’s glorious Technicolor arrival in Munchkinland.

the yellow brick road leading to the emerald city

2. Sense and Sensibility

Ang Lee’s scenic adaptation of the Jane Austen novel is not without dramatic stakes. Will the impoverished Dashwood sisters ever find love in patriarchal Regency society??? But the movie’s gorgeous period costumes, lilting British accents, and sweetly romantic ending are sure to transport you away from the anxieties of the here and now.

3. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

This won’t be for everyone, but if you grew up watching (and re-watching) Luke Skywalker’s iconic space adventures, there is something endlessly comforting about once again immersing yourself in a galaxy far, far away. Not a “Star Wars” fan? Sub in “The Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter,” or the beloved mega-franchise of your choice. Oh, and may the Force be with you.


4. Beauty and the Beast

Your mileage may vary as far as which animated Disney movie gives you the most warm and fuzzies, but it’s hard to top the enchantment offered by a dining room full of singing cutlery. Be our guest, and take a quick return trip to your childhood.

5. Die Hard

How can a movie this full of explosions be relaxing, you ask? Because “Diehard” is the most emotionally satisfying action movie ever made, that’s whyIf your style is more shoot-em-up stunts than musical romance, this fast-paced flick about a down-and-out hero who takes on a gang of elite international criminals will definitely make your worries fade away.

Bruce Willis as John McClane

6. Notting Hill

Why are British accents so dang soothing? Or is it just Hugh Grant’s stammering charm that helps bring our shoulders down from around our ears? Either way, it’s hard to find a romcom more mindlessly delightful than this quirky classic about the unexpected romance between a famous film star and an average Joe.

7. Some Like It Hot

It’s been more than 60 years, and Billy Wilder’s 1959 gender bender is still the gold standard for screwball comedy. Has our understanding of gender and sexuality become more nuanced in the intervening years? Of course. Is “Some Like It Hot” still a deeply endearing, laugh-out-loud riot? You bet your bloomers, it is.

old poster for some like it hot

8. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Break free from your own glass case of emotion with this mindless comedy classic. We can’t guarantee that every off-the-wall joke in 2004’s “Anchorman” holds up, but it offers more than enough gems to keep you laughing from start to finish.

9. Amélie

This whimsical French romance may be the height of soothing cinema. From its lyrical piano score to leading lady Audrey Tautout’s mischievous smile, “Amélie” reminds its viewers to appreciate the beauty in simple, everyday things. And honestly, what’s more comforting than that? 

french cafe

10. The Princess Bride

Is there a person on earth who doesn’t love “The Princess Bride?” Daring sword fights, passionate romance, rodents of unusual size… this cherished love story/adventure/comedy will never fail to bring you an hour and thirty-eight minutes of pure, unadulterated joy.