Hemp-derived CBD is the definition of a plant-based product. But what if we told you that the most popular vehicles for CBD – delicious fruit-flavored gummies – very often aren’t plant-based at all?  

In fact, many of the fruity, chewy treats you love are made with gelatin, a protein derived from the bones and connective tissues of animals. So those gummies you’re enjoying may taste like mango or strawberry, but that sweetness is actually covering up the flavor of dissolved pig tendons. Gross. 

So, what are the best CBD gummies for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who believes fruit-flavored gummies should be made with… you know… fruit? Products like Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies, which achieve their chewy texture by using fruit-derived pectin rather than gelatin! 

Of coursethe benefits of choosing a vegan CBD gummie go beyond simply “not chewing on cow bones.” Here are the top reasons for picking a truly plant-based CBD product. 

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An Inclusive Dietary Option 

At Wana Wellness, our mission is to enhance lives – as many lives as possible. That means creating a product that a wide variety of people can enjoy.  

And we didn’t stop at making a vegan product! Wana Wellness gummies are also made with all-natural flavors and coloring, organic sweeteners and NO high-fructose corn syrup. Plus, they’re kosher-certified and completely gluten-free. While you should always consult the ingredients list to make sure a product is safe for you, the odds are good that you can enjoy all the benefits (and great taste) of our hemp gummies, no matter who you are or how you eat. 

Environmental Impact 

It’s a simple fact that plant-based products are more environmentally friendly than those made with meat, largely because of the number of resources that go into raising animals. For example, The Guardian has outlined a 2010 study which measured the amount of water required to produce fruit and vegetables as compared to livestock: “While vegetables had a footprint of about 322 liters per kg, and fruits drank up 962, meat was thirstier: chicken came in at 4,325l/kg, pork at 5,988l/kg, sheep/goat meat at 8,763l/kg, and beef at a stupendous 15,415l/kg.” Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that cows produce nearly 10% of the harmful methane gas contributing to climate change. 

While we certainly don’t judge anyone for enjoying meat and dairy products (especially in moderation), sustainability is important to us. There’s no earthly reason that a fruit-flavored, plant-derived CBD product should have the same environmental impact as a Porterhouse steak. 

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Obviously, Wana Wellness gummies – or any pectin-based CBD option – are not made with only vegans and vegetarians in mind. And maybe, if you’re neither, the idea of a gelatin-based gummie doesn’t sound like the end of the world to you. 

But while we maintain that a fruit snack made of groundup animal parts has a pretty high “ick” factor, there’s another very simple reason to stick with fruit-derived pectin: texture! If you don’t believe us, just try a little experiment. Compare a traditional gelatin-based product next to a Wana Wellness Hemp Gummie. One will have a tough, rubbery consistency and one will be soft, chewy, and thoroughly satisfying. We’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which. 😉