Your daily dose of calm.

We infuse Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies with premium naturally occurring broad-spectrum hemp oil and essential terpenes to promote wellness every day.

We’re on a mission to improve your life,one gummie at a time.

Wana Wellness wants to support your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we craft trusted, beneficial, and delicious hemp-derived supplements - to help you live your best life.


Featured Flavor

Mixed Berry

We handcraft our Mixed Berry Hemp Gummies with premium broad-spectrum hemp oil, essential terpenes, and other plant compounds that support healthy lifestyles. You’ll get a delicious selection of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry gummies bursting with natural flavors.


Vegan, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients.

Unlike gelatin-based products containing animal by-products, we make Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies with vegan, fruit-based pectin. Our gummies are also kosher, gluten-free, and sweetened with organic ingredients, making them suitable for virtually any diet.

Get the benefits of broad-spectrum hemp oil.

Naturally occurring broad-spectrum hemp oil is non-psychoactive and works with your body’s internal systems to inspire calm and balance without unwanted impairment.

Unlock the plant’s full potential.

We infuse Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies with broad-spectrum hemp oil instead of isolate. That means our gummies contain naturally occurring broad-spectrum hemp oil and other health-promoting plant compounds (including essential terpenes), which work together to deliver the benefits nature intended.

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Why broad-spectrum?

We extract our broad-spectrum hemp oil from the hemp plant’s aerial parts (in other words, the parts exposed to air). Broad-spectrum hemp oil is essential because it contains naturally occurring beneficial elements, including essential terpenes and other helpful plant compounds – all of which work together to promote health through a biochemical phenomenon called the entourage effect.

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