What’s better than a Wana Wellness coupon code? A monthly subscription, that’s what. 


When it comes to the products we use every day, we all love a good deal. That’s why “Wana Wellness Coupon Code” is one of the first results you’re likely to see when you Google us. 

It’s understandable! Coupons are an excellent way to try a new product or supplement you’re considering adding to your daily routine. 

But if you’re committed to taking a hemp gummie every day (and we think you should!), you’ll get a better deal if you subscribe.

So let’s break down the advantages of a Wana Wellness monthly subscription. After reading this blog, you’ll understand why you should join our subscribers who are saving money and supporting their daily wellness journeys with premium hemp gummies.

Wana Wellness Coupon Codes vs. Wana Wellness Subscriptions

What are the best Wana Wellness Coupon deals, and how do they compare with our subscriptions?

Because we wana (see what we did there?) make it easier for the hemp curious to try our products, Wana Wellness frequently offers coupon codes.

Every person completing their first order of Wana Wellness gummies gets a 20% discount. We also frequently distribute Wana Wellness Coupon codes for new products we’re excited to share. 

But when you become a monthly subscriber, you get a consistent discount that’s hard to beat. Plus, a subscription makes it easier to stay on top of your wellness goals – you’ll never worry about running out of our high-quality hemp gummies.

Taking a daily hemp gummie has a host of wellness benefits (we’ll get to that later), and when you subscribe, we’ll ship a monthly supply of your favorite gummies, so you’ll never run out. And here’s the best part: you’ll save money (subscribers unlock free shipping and a regular discount – more on that below).  

A Monthly Wana Wellness Subscription Saves You Money 

A Wana Wellness monthly subscription makes sticking to your wellness program easy. It also helps you save money. 

Sure, our coupon codes help you save on that first order, but once you’ve found your new favorite gummie, our monthly subscription is the way to go. You’ll save 20% off every month, and if you do the math, you’ll soon realize that makes every sixth bottle virtually free! 

Plus, your subscription comes with guaranteed free shipping; it’s the most reliable and hassle-free way to save money while you keep up with your wellness goals.

Wana Wellness blue gummie in line with blueberries

Why Take Hemp Gummies Daily?

By now, you understand that our monthly subscriptions save you money and make it easy to stay on top of your wellness goals, but why take hemp gummies in the first place? 

Hemp gummies interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates everything from sleep to skin health (and much more). A daily hemp supplement helps your ECS:

  • Regulate and improve sleep quality
  • Support a more balanced, consistent mood 
  • Encourage a healthy appetite and digestion
  • Strengthen mental acuity
  • Support overall health and bodily function

Research into the potential benefits of hemp supplements is ongoing, so we expect to learn even more soon! Still, we know our hemp gummies are an invaluable wellness tool based on current research.

Not Ready to Take the Subscription Plunge?

On the fence? Maybe you’re still looking for the perfect Wana Wellness gummie flavor. Or perhaps you’re a free spirit who can’t be tied down – even if it saves you some dough! 

Whatever the case, we’ll be here whether or not you choose to join our monthly subscription service. 

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